How to set the right “DPI” or “Resolution” in creating your tarpaulin layout / design

1. Using Adobe Photoshop – Open “Adobe Photoshop” program. Click File -> New

set dpi for tarpaulin layout step 1

2. Setup For Width and Height – Set the canvas size for width and height of your tarpaulin design to the size that you want, let’s make an example of 5 ft x 3 ft. In the choices there is no available size by ft, so we will convert the canvas size into inches. In 1 ft there are 12 inches, so the canvas size now will be 60 inches x 36 inches which is equivalent to 5ft x 3ft.

set dpi for tarpaulin layout step 2

3. Setup For The Right Resolution – Now in Resolution field (this is the important part), as some of us knew 72 dpi is for web and 300 dpi is for print, well that’s true but for me it will depend on the image(s) that you are going to use in your tarpaulin layout.

If you have photos or images coming from high quality digital camera(s) then you need to set the resolution into 300 dpi so that you will get all the details of your image(s) which has the huge pixel densities which you will get high quality and sharp print out of your tarpaulin design.

Now if your image(s) will be coming from low quality or old camera(s) then you can set the resolution into 72 dpi only. But if you still want to set it into higher than 72 dpi then it’s okay whichever you like, but it’s not a good practice because you will have a big file size of your tarpaulin layout canvas if you save it having low quality of images on it.

For me it’s okay to have a big file size of canvas if you are having high quality of image(s) on it otherwise you are wasting your time saving it. So 72 dpi is fine for low quality images and 300 dpi for high quality images.

set dpi for tarpaulin layout step 3

4. Start Your Tarpaulin Design – Now your canvas is ready for your tarpaulin layout. You can start your own design now. If you don’t know how to do it for now, you can wait on my next post on how to make the tarpaulin design using different images. But if you know how to design or layout then go ahead create your design now!

set dpi for tarpaulin layout step 4

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